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How to stop hiding - Rev Patricia Taylor

Do you ever feel like you are hiding who you really are? PATRICIA TAYLOR shared with Maria Rodrigues the journey of letting God combat the shame she was carrying. Learn how to be free from baggage of the past.

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Life as a theatre chaplain - Rev Patricia Taylor

Rev PATRICIA TAYLOR was an atheist working as a Theatre Director when a friend dared her to go to church. She now serves as a theatre chaplain. She shared with Maria Rodrigues about her journey, including escaping from a bomb!

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Gifts of the Holy Spirit for women - Rev Patricia Taylor

Why do women shy away from some of the gifts of the Spirit while embracing others? PATRICIA TAYLOR spoke to Maria Rodrigues about her challenge to women across the UK to be open to moving in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit and not leaving it to men!

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Learning to love myself - Rev Patricia Taylor

PATRICIA TAYLOR has been involved in ministry for years, but recently felt God telling her that there was an area of her life she needed to surrender to him: lack of self-acceptance.

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